Our proposal

KAP gives business meaning and value to your data assets, bridging
Industry Expertise & Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is now accessible and deployable within SME
to support your digital transformation and your growth.

Value proposition

Leverage your Data:

• Secure data and break silos
• Rapid and easy access to exploit your Data
• Automate data flows and treatments

Deploy AI solutions to your experts and managers

• Decision-making and simulation tools
• Optimization of complex systems
• Forecasting, risk management

Boost the effectiveness of your teams:

• Reduce support functions
• Limit unproductive tasks and functions



AI is deployed for all expertise fields of the company, modular and intelligible for users
User interface is at customer's preference: web or smartphone app, spreadsheet, integration into ERP

Management control

Piloting and simulation tools, dynamic dashboards of real costs

Project example


Models to accurately forecast sales, optimization of product mix, seasonality management

Project example


Optimization of production and quality control, predictive maintenance

Project example


Stock optimization, monitoring and product flows management, high accuracy sales forecasts with seasonnality and market interactions

Project example

Human resources

Analyst of the workforce and productivities of employees and interims, optimization and forecasting

Project example


Optimization of energetic perfomance, detection of abnormal consumptions, assistance to social responsibility targets

Project example

Request KAP expertise for your business issues

Specific solutions for companies subject to uncertain environments (fishing, agriculture, transportation...)

The associate Team

The associates come from the multiple business horizons and join their expertises and experiences acquired from a large panel of past projects
Innovative solutions, tight collaboration with customers, proven methods


Strategy and management

Finances, management sciences and sales

35 years of pratice



Production, industrialization, R&D

15 years of practice

Methods & tools

A unique method to deploy AI solutions for your business needs
Removing data silos Le décloisonnement is key to next explore and model your business processes

Project methodology:

Business and expert knowledge first, along with the power of AI

Two dimensions that permanently interact

A dynamic integration of your EPR (optionnal)

Projects in compliance with GDPR

KAPForm :

An ecosystem of modules dedicated to your business activities

Its architecture integrates multiple services and technologies of data transfert

Programming and algorithmic tools tapping into the Open Source domain, without licence fees

Cloud hosting:

Storage and compute solution on the secured cloud, long-term data preservation

Instant access to your historical data

Possibility to use a cloud and IT plateform located in France

Secured comunication relying on encrypted data flow

Option: use of your IT infrastructure with remote access